When God calls us to do a work for him, he actually means business.  At times, we have this lassia faire attitude that says, “Really, God?  You want me to do what?  You must be kidding.”  In reality, God is deathly serious about the things he desires us to do.

For many years, people encouraged my husband to stop working for NASA as an engineer and start a church.  But there was never any indication from the Lord that this was what He wanted Frank to do.  My husband and I both knew that his mission field was at his work place.  

For most of my life, I did not know that God would call me into missions.  My husband, on the other hand, would say, “We should move overseas.  I’ll get an engineering job;  and you can do missions work.”  Because I felt I was already doing what God was asking me to do–raising three children and being his wife, I never commented.  

Some years after all our children had graduated from high school, I visited Special Gathering to write a book; and I knew that I’d come home.  While my husband had often fought things that I wanted to do for the Lord, he never hesitated to agree with God’s true call on my life.  This was a perfect position for me.  From that first day I visited, I’ve been as comfortable at Special Gathering, as if I’d been born to do the job (which, of course, is true).

Yet, in his daily email newsletter Oz Helman asks,

Have you ever not pursued something because it had to be perfect? There is a fine line between doing things with excellence and being a perfectionist. Perfectionists become argumentative with God. They refuse to step out in faith and obedience because they care too much about what others think if the results don’t turn out perfectly.I battled these same demons when God led me into a writing and speaking ministry. “Lord, I am weak in grammar and you know I’m an introvert.” Then He reminded me “…for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor 12:9).

When God places His anointing on you He uses whatever level of skill you have to fulfill His purposes in your life. This is why you need not fear moving into an unfamiliar area if He calls you there.



What is God waiting for you to do? It may be time to step out. He specializes in “cliff-catching.”