We are to share love with all our brothers and sisters

Romans 12:10

Central Theme:  Jesus will return to earth and take us home.

 Introduction–My brother is a jerk but I love him.  My sister is bossy but I respect her and she is my best friend.  Families are important to us and we should know that we should share love with them–all of them.  Have a member read Romans 12:10


       I.     Tell the story of Jacob and Esau and how they came to love each other.  

              A. These two men were very different.

              B. They set aside their differences and chose to love each other.

              C. Our family is more than our physical family.

      II.     As Christians we have many people who are our brothers and sisters.

              A. You will not get along with everyone in your Christian family. 

              B. There is not problem with that unless we become bitter and hateful.

              C. We should show every person love and not spite or criticism.

     III.     Each of us have people that are our family and affections is a part.

          A. We are to be loving and show affection to these people

          B. Affection means touching in love.

          C. We all need affection and touching in our lives–and we need to give it to others.

Conclusion      God wants us to relate to our family and our Christian family with love.