“When do we close our  Special Gathering program?” ss a questions that is often asked, even among ourselves.  Because our members are medically fragile as well as mentally challenged, it is a question that needs to be asked.  There are several guidelines that we use:

  1. Has public transportation closed down?  In Brevard County, the SCAT lines close when the winds are 45 mph.  If the pubic transit systems have closed, we close. 
  2. If the winds are 45 mph, we close.
  3. If extreme weather is expected to hit the day of our program, we close.  We don’t usually close, if the electricity is off in many areas.  If the facility or church where we meet is open, then we will meet.
  4. If the facility where we meet is closed or we are requested to not meet, then we will close.  This, however, has never happened.

As you surmise, weather is the main determining factor of when we close.  We have never closed for a death.  Because, health and safety is our primary focus, we will close when it has been determined for one reason or another that our members will be in danger.