Trusting in the Lord means Action


Proverbs 3:5


Central Theme: Trusting in the Lord means we take action. 


Introduction–Show a map. When you are going on a trip, it is important to know where you are going. All of us need to know where we are going. However, most of the time God tells us that we are to go and gives us no idea exactly where we are going.


I. Have a member read Proverbs 3:5.

A. Tell the story of Abram and how God sent him away from his family. This is found in Genesis 12:1-9.

B. Trusting God means actions–not knowledge.

C. Abram obeyed God.

II. We must choose to obey God and we don‘t have to know everything.

A. When I would wrap gifts for Christmas or birthdays, it was a big deal. I made things that were extravagant. However, when I started, I didn‘t know what I was doing but I did it anyway. As I went along, I knew how to wrap the gift and what it should look like.

1. God will give us a small word and we are to follow it.

2. A friend who moved from our area told me that she could not attend church anymore because she did not have a Special Gathering program to go to and she would have a bad attitude.

a. We need to put the Lord first no matter what the circumstances

b. We need to have Jesus at the beginning not the end.

III. Abram did not know where he was going.

A. He did know who was leading him.

B. God will lead you into the right things.

Conclusion–Trusting God means actively following Jesus.