God gives us the Power change our lives

Ephesians 6:7

Central Theme:  God wants us to serve others.

Introduction–A friend told me that he saw a man mopping up a spill in a local 7-11 store.  He said to the man who was mopping, “I assume you are the manager.”  The bosses in stores get to do the dirty work.  God’s way is to promote us into becoming a servant to everyone Have a member read Ephesians 6:7.

       I.     Tell the story of James’ and John’s mother contrast with the story of Dorcas. 

          A. Mom wanted James and John to be number one in the Kingdom.

              B. Dorcas knew how to be number one.

                   1.  She was a servant to everyone.

      II.     At Special Gathering, no one gets too big to do the dirty work.

              A. Show the fanny packs we use at camp.

                   1.  They have rubber gloves because the people who wear the fanny packs get to clean up messes–nasty messes.

              B. We had a staff one time who told me that he didn‘t clean up messes any more that he had paid his dues–that was the wrong answer.

     III.     God wants us all to be the servant.

              A. Our deacons are voted on by you–the members.  These men and women are asked to do the jobs that no one else wants to do.

              B. They don‘t get to push the wheel chairs or do the fun things that other members get to do. 

              C. They get to clean the floors, set up tables and chair, etc.

Conclusion  The heart of a real man of God must be to serve others.