Aaron Nangle gives hints regarding your selection of providers.

Selecting Providers

When selecting a provider, it’s a good idea to interview providers.  You can do interviews face to face or on the phone.  Below is a list of sample interview questions. Think about what is important to you, and write some of your own questions.  When you call providers, take note to see how quickly they return your call.  You want a provider who can take the time to work with you.  There are many good providers out there, take the time to find a provider who will treat you well.

Interview Questions

1. What types of insurance do you take?  Are you approved to receive payment from Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, etc.

2. If I choose your company, who will be providing the services for me?

3. Will you work nights and/or weekends?

4. I need waiver services on (ex. Monday nights from 4pm-8pm) can you do that?

5. What special skills do you have? (ex. sign language, teaching skills, behavior training, a second language)

6. Are you comfortable working with someone who __________ ? (ex. has behavior problems, is a child, needs total care, doesn’t speak English)

7. How do you handle ___________ ? (ex. Temper tantrums,)

8. Do you have a back up provider for days you are not able to show up?

9. What types of activities are you willing to help me with? (ex. take me bowling, play football with me, go swimming, take me to look for a job)

10. What appeals to you about working with people who have disabilities?

11. What are your hobbies?  What will you talk to me about?

12. How long have you been a provider?

13. How big is your company?

14. Why should I choose you over another provider?

15. What areas are you willing to work in? I live in (your town), will you travel there?