After checking my on-line bank account for the fifth time that day, I decided that I’d eat lunch at my favorite place, my own kitchen.  It seems that whether I’m planning an excursion or simply working in my home office, I’ve been constantly aware that I’m living on much less income than a few months ago.

Yet, several things have happened that have worked to alter my mind-set.  The first is that there seemed to be more cash left at the bottom line of my account than I’d planned. When my husband died in May, I had taken care of almost all our financial concerns beforehand. 

Nevertheless, part of the unnerving for me is not knowing exactly where I stand in regard to finances.  While I’ve put on paper about a hundred times in the past year, my income and expenses, some odd-ball contingency seems to bubble up from the nether lands and wreck my bottom line.

In addition, several of our Special Gathering members have lost their parents suddenly. Another man lost his house and has been moved by his guardians.  They are facing different circumstances.  My heart has been burdened for them as they struggle to live with less love and care. 

Last week, after eating my in-kitchen lunch and finishing my work, another mind-altering event happened.  I decided that I needed a new short-sleeve jacket to wear to work.  I had several but summer clothes seem to show wear more quickly than winter garb. 

I drove to my favorite department store.  As I parked the car, I clearly felt the Lord spoke to my heart, “You should spend $50 on clothes.” Naturally, I assumed that God was putting a limit on the amount I could spend.

Walking up to the outdoor sale rack, I saw the very jacket I wanted hanging on the rack.  There were, in fact, an entire rack of jackets in my size.  To my surprise, the rack was topped with a bold hand-printed sign that read, “Everything $2.”  There were several $100 jackets in my size.  Knowing that I could give away anything that didn’t fit or that wasn’t needed, I piled my cart full. 

Inside the store, I found the matching pants, marked $2.  There were other articles of clothing that I’d wanted for years but felt I couldn’t afford, all $2. 

I went to the cashier, “Are these really $2?”

“Yep, I marked them myself last night.  I wanted to get some for me but when I came in this morning, everything my size was gone.”

I had not counted the items but when the register completed my ticket, I had spent $50 on clothes.  I gathered up my items and exited the store, mentally adding up my discount.  I had $1,088 in clothes for that $50.

Softly, the Lord said, “Don’t worry about living on less for you or your members.  When trusting me, less is more.”

I headed to my favorite place to eat and prepared myself a tuna sandwich on whole-wheat bread with lettuce and tomato. Munching on my supper, I thanked God for his bountiful provision as I  tried on my new “Less is More Wardrobe.”