Trust and Succeed

I Peter 4:19

Central Theme:  Jesus will give us success when we learn to trust in him.

Introduction–Show a picture of a dove or a model dove.  Tell about the doves that were living outside your door.  The second year they built a nest, they decided they couldn’t trust the place and they left the eggs and the nest. Trust is a foundation stone of our lives.  Who can you trust? Have a member read I Peter 4:19.

I.     Tell about Peter in the jail from Acts 12:1-17.

A. He had been arrested and put in jail between 2 guards and an angel set him free.

B. Angel woke him up and told him to get up, get dressed, put on shoes and come with him.

C. Peter went to the house where the church was praying, talked to a servant girl named Rhoda.  She told them he was free; they didn‘t believe and kept praying for him.

II.     We must learn to trust in God and here are some ways.

A. Stop worrying–worry will kill you and make others want to kill you.  Peter was asleep when he was rescued.  He wasn’t worried or lying awake.

B. Look for God to give you miracles.  Unexpected good and godly things to happen to you–recognize when God is helping you.

C. Tell others about what God has done for you

III.     Trusting God will mean that you will live different from other people.

Conclusion:  Trusting Jesus will give us success with the Lord and make good thing happen in your life.