Before George’s mother died, his parents requested that a group home placement be found for him. Both parents were in their 90’s. Both were terminally ill.


George’s only relative, a sister, lives in another state in the Northeast. She wanted George to be able to remain in Florida with his friends, church and supporting community.  The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) decided this was not an emergency and refused placement.


His mother died and within weeks, it was clear that George’s father would also die very soon. Again, his father requested that APD find a group home for George. Again, APD decided that this was not an emergency.


Several weeks ago, George’s father died. Now, APD decided this was an emergency. They approved that George go into a group home. However, Tallahassee said that George must go into a home that would accept a basic rate of funding, which is $1,000 a month. There are no group homes in Florida which will accept this rate of funding.


APD looked all over the state. They cannot find one group home that will accept this rate of funding. APD has continued to refuse more funding for George.  One agency has given him emergency shelter.  But George has no permanent place to live.


This appears to be a new tactic by APD to cut cost. Even though they know that no group home will accept George, they are insisting that he cannot receive any additional funding.


It appears that APD is using this stategy to decrease the amount of money they must pay for people with disabilities to live in group home. They will not refuse a person placement. They will refuse to give the person enough money to be able to live in a group home.


Unthinkable?  We have heard of other things that are being done to reduce the budget of this agency. All of them are taking funding from people with disabilities.