July 2011

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Editor of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Announced

The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) is extremely pleased to announce that Glenn T. Fujiura, PhD, has been appointed by the Board of Directors as the new Editor of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), the Association’s journal of policy, practice, and perspectives. He begins a four year term as Editor on July 1, 2011.

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AAIDD is has partnered with Essential Learning to offer online continuing education and training opportunities to developmental disability professionals. New courses added routinely.  AAIDD members receive a 10% discount on all courses in the Essential Learning library.

AAIDD is very pleased to co-sponsor these upcoming conferences:

  • Alliance for Full Participation: AFP Summit 2.0:  Real Jobs–It’s Everyone’s Business
    November 11-19, 2011, Washington, DC (discounted registration and stipends available for self-advocates)

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2011 Annual Meeting Presentation Archive Now Available

All concurrent session presentations received to date are posted. The page will be updated as presentations are submitted.

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New in the AAIDD Bookstore
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State of the States in Developmental Disabilities (2011 Edition)

David Braddock, Richard Hemp, Mary Kay Rizzolo, Laura Haffer, Emily Shea Tanis, Jiang Wu
This update to the seventh edition of the book provides data on  trends in developmental disability services and financing in the United States from 2007-2009.

Forging a Federal-State Partnership: A History of State and Federal Developmental Disabilities Policy

Robert Gettings
This is a ground-breaking study of the revolutionary changes in public policy toward persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities over the past fifty years, written by a close observer of the events as they unfolded.


Recent Research Published in AAIDD Journals

Standard of Practice and Flynn Effect Testimony in Death Penalty Cases
A study in the June issue of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities by researchers affiliated with Louisiana State University and Vanderbilt University reviewed the literature on the Flynn Effect–a well-established phenomena in which an individual will show substantial increases in intelligence test performance over time, not due to cognitive gains, but to creeping obsolescence of test norms.  The authors demonstrate how failure to adjust intelligence test scores based on this phenomenon invalidates test scores and–because in death penalty cases can have life or death consequences for individuals with intellectual disability–may be in violation of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing as well as the “Ethical Principles for Psychologists and Code of Conduct.”  (full text available at no cost with member subscription to IDD)

Cognitive Development and Down Syndrome: Age-Related Change on the Stanford-Binet Test 
A study in the May issue of the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities by researchers affiliated with the University of Queensland (Australia) examined Stanford-Binet test performance by a large group of individuals with Down syndrome.  Authors report that the performance of the study sample on Stanford-Binet subtests measuring crystallized abilities (the ability to use skills, knowledge, and experience)  tended to plateau early in adulthood, whereas the test of fluid ability (the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge) continued to increase beyond the age of 30.  Authors note that the trend they observed is in opposition to the general population in which fluid abilities typically peak in early adulthood while crystallized abilities continue to increase. (full text available at no cost with member subscription to AJIDD)

AAIDD Environmental Health Initiative

Workshop Materials Now Available
Updated science, new developments in policy and economics on the health effects of environmental exposures were presented at the full day workshop at the AAIDD annual meeting to a statewide and national audience of providers, government officials, parents and advocates. The panel highlighted the rising prevalence of autism and the special cases in Minnesota’s immigrant communities. The workshop, supported by the John Merck Fund, featured nationally known speakers and Minnesota presenters with their pulse on state developments.

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