Submit and Succeed

I Peter 5:5

Central Theme:  The key to submission is humility.

 Introduction–Demonstrate a foot washing.  All the years, as a Christian, I thought it took humilty to wash someone‘s feet.  But later, when I experienced foot washing, I found it is the person who has his feet washed who is humbled most.  Have a member read I Peter 5:5

I.     Tell the story Jesus washing the disciples feet found in John 13:1-17.

A. Jesus washed the feet of the disciples.

B. It is true that he took the place of the servant but the disciples had to let him wash their feet and that took humility also.

C. Submission means that we are to humble ourselves to let others help us.

II.     As Christians we get pretty good at being a servant.

A. This story teaches us that we should let others help us,also.

B. On a TV show, people who were living on welfare often talk about the check they get at the first of each month from the Government as their salary.

C. Submission sometimes means that we need to let other people help us.

III.     As people with disabilities, we think we are pretty good at that but are we?

A. Often we want to get the upper hand by pointing out the mistakes of others to them.

B. We sometimes laugh at people who are doing things for us.

C. These are defensive things we do but we need to learn to say, “Thank you“ and to submit to people who help us.

Conclusion     Part of submission is to be humble when we are serving others and when other people are serving us, too.