Success Comes when We Stand for Right

Matthew 14:29

Central Theme:  God gives us success when we stand up for Him.

Introduction–I wanted to show you all my medals and trophies so you could see how successful I have been.  Bring out an empty bag.  Look into it and try to pull out.  Turn it inside out.  The truth is I have no medals in the bag but I want you to know that God gives me success and I want to share how He does that for me.


I.     Have a member Read Matthew 14:29.

A. Peter and the disciples were in a boat.  Jesus had gone away to rest.  They saw a man walking on the water.  Was it a ghost?  Then Jesus called to them from the water.  Peter wanted to get out of the boat and meet with Jesus.  He did but then he doubted and he began to go under.  Jesus saved him.

              1. Peter was successful–because he acted to stand with Jesus.

2.  Jesus made him successful even though he couldn’t do it in his own faith.

3.  The point is that Peter want to standed for Jesus and so he got out of the boat.

II.     He was the only disciple who got out of the boat.

A. Peter wanted to walk on the water–maybe for several reasons.

1.  To show the other disciples that he was better?

2.  To show Jesus how much faith he had?

3.  To show himself that he had great faith?

B. No matter why he got out–he did get out and he walked.

III.     God will give each of us something to be successful in.

A. Perhaps it is that you are able to smile even though things are bad–Jack’s and Kevin’s smile.

B. First we must say as Peter did, “Jesus save me.”

C. Ask Jesus into your heart if you have not done it and he will save you so you can be successful.

Conclusion–Jesus will help us to be successful.