Two loggerhead sea turtles mating off the coast of Florida

For 45 years, I’ve walked the beach looking for sea turtles during the evening.  While others see them regularly, I’ve never seen even one.  The sea turtles nest on our beach; but I’m probably the one person who lives on our island who hasn’t seen them.  It isn’t that I didn’t want to see them.  However, I was never able to be there when the turtles were out.

Tonight as I was walking along the shore of the ocean, I felt the Lord spoke to me and said, “Things are going to be good for you.  My plans for you are for good and not evil.”  As I listened, I felt the Lord said, “What do you want me to do for you?”

It’s been almost a month since my husband died.  Again and again, people have told me that God is going to bless me and that I’m about to enter the best time of my life.  After hearing the Lord speak to my heart, at least 50 things flashed through my mind.  ”Lord,” I responded with a laugh, “there are so many.  I don’t think we’ll have time to do them all.”  After all, I’m not a young chicken.

Just then I saw what looked like a beached large fish floating on top of the water about 100 yards from me.  Several other beach walkers had stopped to watch the sight.  As the figure floated closer, I realized it was two extremely large leatherback sea turtles mating in the ocean.  The people gathered around the edge of the shore were hardly able to speak because of the excitement of the moment.  This was a great thing for all of us–a special moment.

I grabbed my cell phone, walked into the ocean and snapped a picture of  the turtles.  I knew that the image wouldn’t be clear enough to distinguish the wonder of what we were seeing; but I snapped the photo anyway.  After I took their picture, the male turtle flapped his fins and the two leatherback turtles moved away from the shore back into the deeper parts of the sea.  It was odd to see the turtles mating because the leatherbacks don’t ever leave the water.  Therefore, this was a unique moment.

The Lord again spoke to my heart, “You always wanted to see a sea turtle.  I’ve given you more than you ever asked for.  I can handle your list.”  Standing on the beach with the waves beating my legs, I cried.  Later, as I did research for this entry, I found that witnessing leatherback turtles mating is so unusual that National Geographic has written about the rarity.  I’ve often said that when we have commited our lives to the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart because he put those desires there in the first place.

Four of us stood at the edge of the water until the turtles had disappeared.  One of the women was a Christian; and we talked about the goodness of God in allowing me to see my first sea turtles.  But as wonderful as the sea turtles were, it’s the Lord’s Sea Turtle Promise that I’ll treasure in my heart.

Psalm 37:4 says, “Enjoy serving the Lord  and he will give you what you want.”  Ministry can be exciting and wonderful but frustrations can crowd out the joy.  Remember that God desires that enjoy serving him.  What are some of the rare moments that the Lord has allowed you to see his pleasure?

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