Your Parents are Important In your Life

Ephesians 6:1

Central Theme:  You are to learn to be friends with your parents.

Introduction–A choir member years ago told me that his mother was of the devil because she made him clean the bathroom when he dirtied it.  I told him to call her and apologize.  Have a member read Ephesians 6:1.

I.     Jesus was a boy but he was God.

A. His parents didn‘t understand or respect him.

B. He was patient with them and he helped them to understand him.

II.     You are in a bad position–adults but live a home.

A. Seeking independence but need special guidance in many things.

B. Pulled by professionals to GROW UP; but your parents will have to fix any messes.

III.     Talk to your parents.

1.  Always side with them.

2.  You know they don’t know everything but you also need wisdom to help them understand you.

A.     Tell about a time that you talked with your parents and helped them to understand something that you needed and they didn’t understand.

Conclusion     Parents are to be honored and loved.  We can work to help them understand us.