My Story

by Michelle Demeree

My story begins with love.

                My story begins with prayers.

                                        My story begins with hope.

Through  hope, love and prayers,

                                                                     I found faith in the Lord,

                                                                            Finding faith in all I do.

God has put me here to make a difference.

             He has given me His heart of gold for others.

                       Now I love to pray for all people.

                                       Inside my heart, I feel God’s love.

Through hope, love and prayers,

                                                                    I found faith in the Lord,

                                                                       Finding faith in all I do.

Shelly Demeree is a poet whose poems appear in several publications.  She has her own web page, which includes some of her poety.  She is a member and deacon at The Special Gathering of Melbourne.