God Gives Us Gifts

Romans 12:6-8

Central Theme:  God gives us good gifts. 

Introduction–We all know about the three persons of God. There is the Father–who gives to everyone.  There is Jesus who died for the church.  The Holy Spirit was given to help Christians. 

       I.     Have a member Read Romans 12:6.

              A. People who study the Bible don‘t always agree about the Gifts God gives us.

              1. There are gifts given by the Spirit to enable Christians to grow and they are talked about in I Corinthians 12

              2.  There are gifts given by Jesus–which help the church to grow and they are given in Ephephians 4

              3.  There are gifts given by God the Father and they are given to every person–like the sunshine and rain—presented in Romans 12:6.

           II.     The overall purpose of all the gifts is so that people will come to love and worship God.

              A. Everyone person born is given a gift from God–at least one.

              1.  Most of us do not recognize that we have gifts and we don‘t try to develop our gifts.

              2.  Each of us will be happier if we know Jesus and learn what our gifts are.

              B. Being disabled does not mean that you don’t have gifts–sometimes it means that your gifts are amplified because those gifts are all that people see.

     III.     The disciples were successful in their walk with the Lord because they worked with their gifts.

              A. Paul was an organizer and person who could write out doctrine for the church.

              B. Peter was a prophet who could preach until the heavens opened and blessed the people.

              C. John was a servant/helper who was able to get things done for everyone else.

Conclusion–We need to use our gifts for Jesus.