One day while training a new Special Gathering staff member, I asked him if he would clean up a mess left by our members in one of the Bible study classroomes.  He told me, “I don’t clean up messes like this.  I’ve paid my dues.  I did that in my other job.  I don’t have to clean up other people’s garbage now.”  That was the wrong answer.  Obviously, he didn’t last long in Special Gathering.  One of the hallmarks of a special needs ministry is that you always “get to clean up the messes.”

It is true that at camp, the camp directors have found that it is not a good stewardship of our time to be tied up for an hour or two in “mess fixing” the nasty bathroom accidents.   That is because during those times, other circumstances come into play; and that is when real emergencies seem to happen.  We’ve found that many times emergencies can be averted by a simple word from a director.  Therefore, we have tried to find people who feel it is a privilege to do this type of work.  (Yes, Martha, there are other people out there like you.)

In special needs ministry, I believe it isn’t the task that is important.  It is the attitude that dictates godliness.  Actually, in all ministry, that is true.  When our attitude becomes one of  true servanthood rather than haughty eliteness, God will bless us and it becomes a joy to be the servant of others.