Here is a copy of the memo sent to service providers in Florida regarding three month 15 percent cuts:


agency for  persons with disabilities

State of Florida 



March 31, 2011


TO:      All APD Providers  

FROM: Bryan Vaughan, ActingDirector

            Agency for Persons with Disabilities

RE: Changes to Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver Service Rates

 The Agency has projected a budget deficit of more than $169 million dollars for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Pursuant to the APD and AHCA’s authority in sections 393.0661(7) and (8), Florida Statutes, all provider rates in Rules 59G-13.081, 59G-13.082 and 59G-13.084 for Medicaid Waiver Services provided through the Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based Waivers will be reduced by 15% for services provided between April 1, 2011, and June 30, 2011. In addition, solo/agency differentials will be eliminated. After June 30, 2011, these rate reductions may be revised pursuant to legislative action or agency rule.

These rates may be found on the Agency’s website and will be filed in an emergency rule. If you have a negotiated rate for intensive behavioral residential habilitation, transportation, or special medical home care services, your local area administrator will contact you in the near future with an addendum to your current waiver services agreement. 

These rate adjustments will be reflected in each client’s authorization for services. The rate adjustments do not reduce, modify, or terminate any currently authorized waiver services. APD will provide new service authorizations to all providers within 5 days of this memo. Until such time, this memo will serve as your authorization.

In these difficult economic times, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities appreciates your cooperation and thanks you for your service and dedication to individuals with developmental disabilities.