On September 28, 2010, I heard a thud coming from my husband’s shower.  Even though he was under Hospice care, he was able to care for his personal needs.  However, vascular dementia caused him to forget things, such as “don’t take a shower now.  Your aid is coming to help.”  He had gotten into the shower by himself; and somehow he had fallen off the shower seat.

When I rushed into the room, I found him on the floor in great pain.  Instinctively, I knew he had broken his hip.  In reality, he had broken his leg and hip.  I called the Hospice nurse, then 911.  My mind rushed to cover all the bases.  However, the main thought centered in my brain was “our life has just drastically changed.”

Later that day in the hospital, my thoughts wandered to a young pastor in our community who has two disabled children.  Both sons have disabilities within the autism spectrum in addition to physical involvement.  One is bedridden.  The other is semi-mobile.

His wife has her master’s degree; but with the birth of their second son, she gave up her career in education to care for her children.  This young man pastors a church.  Now, however, he does much of his work at home because the care of these children has escalated as they have grown toward manhood.

As our nation ages, strokes and heart attacks will put more and more people in home care or in the bed.  Because of a former condition, my husband had two operations to repair his hip.  He is currently bedridden.  And our lives have drastically changed.  It isn’t sad or bad; only different.

Several months ago as we lingered over coffee after lunch, my pastor friend with the two disabled children told me, “Our lives are full and productive.  It isn’t the life my wife and I planned.  It is the life we have and God blesses us each day with miracles and blessings.  We now believe that it is the life that God planned for us.”

Sitting in the hospital, remembering my young pastor friend, God used his words to encourage me.  All human life is fluid.  At times, life is good as we coast among smooth skies and sun drenched afternoons.  Other days, storms come.  These times of turbulence may even capsize our life’s boat.  However, with the Lord, even the most severe storms of life are turned from curses to blessings.