God gives us the Power to change our lives

Acts 22:15

Central Theme:  God has the power to change the worst lives.

Introduction–We all know what happened years ago on September 11.  Our nation was attacked.  There are some people who hate us and part of the reason is because we are a Christian nation.  Do you know that there is a great man in the Bible who became famous by persecuting Christians?  He was Paul, the great Apostle.  Have a member read Acts 22:15.

I.     Tell the story of Paul and how he was changed (Acts 9:1-19).

A. Paul was known all over for persecuting Christians.

B. On the way to Demascus to kill and put Christians in jail,

C. God stopped him and changed him.

II.     There is no one who is too bad that they cannot have their lives changed.

A. God will change you no matter how bad you may be.

B  But God cannot change you if you think you are so good that you don‘t need to be changed.

C. I was raised in a Christian home, I didn’t do a lot of things wrong.

D. But I had a lot of pride in my life.

1.  God wants to change us not matter what our “sin” is and pride is a big sin.

III.     God will change our lives if we let him.

A. We can pray for the people who want to destroy us because we are Christians.

B. But first we must ask God to change us and make us the people he wants us to be.

Conclusion God can change the worst people in the world–even me.