God will give us the power to confront

Acts 17:30

Central Theme:  We are able to confront others because God gives us that power.

Introduction–Have your label out of your dress and have someone come up and tell you about it.  Has this ever happened to you?  Paper caught on your shoe.  Tell about the woman who had paper hanging from her dress as she walked through the airport.  No one told her.  Telling people bad things is hard but Paul confronted people when they were wrong.  Have a member read Acts 17:30.

I.     Tell about how Paul went to Athens and told the people they were wrong.

A. They had all kinds of gods.

B. Paul said, “I want to tell you about the Unknown God–Jesus.”


II.     Being able to confront is hard; but it will help us grow.

A. Bring a pearl and a shell.

B. A piece of sand gets in the shell and the little oyster tries to get it out.  This is how the oyster forms the pearl.

C. When we have the courage to confront, we help others.

III.     Sometimes we take liberties that we should not take–other times we are shy.

A. Don’t talk to strangers.

B. Don’t be too quick to criticize others–that is not confronting.  Confronting comes from love for the other person.

C. Learn how to take criticism.

D. Reach out in love and tell people when they are wrong.

Conclusion     Paul had the courage to confront.  We need to take a stand against wrong and be willing to be confronted when we are wrong.