We Must Wait on God

Acts 1:7

Central Theme:  God wants us to be able to wait for him so he can do good things for us.

Introduction–Tell group that we have a special treat but they will have to wait for me.  Take a while with messing around.  Then bring out the chocolate.  We will still have to wait for the chocolate because we can’t eat in this room.  Waiting can be hard.  God wants to give us good things but he often makes us wait for them.

Have a member read Acts 1:7.

I.     Tell the story of David and Saul

A. Saul was the king and he was out hunting for David to kill David.

B. David and his army found Saul and his army; Saul was asleep; David did not kill Saul.

1.  David was willing to wait because he knew that Saul was still king.

2.  He showed respect for Saul and for God.

3.  Waiting for God to do good things in our lives is very hard.

II.     God expects us to wait on him to make good things happen.

A. This is hard.

B. We try to make things happen.

III.     There are some things we can do when we are waiting.

A.  Pray.

B.  Remind yourself of God’s promises to you.

C.  Keep busy doing good while you are waiting.

1.      This will prepare you for the future.

D.  Keep believing that God will do what he has promised.

Conclusion     God wants to do good things for us but he will make us wait.