God is Our Defender

Psalm 46:1

Central Theme:  God will defend us when we are doing his work.


Introduction–Show two towels.  One is dirty. One is clean.  They look the same.  Often we don’t understand why some people do not seem to have things go right for them.  Maybe there is dirt or sin that we cannot see in their lives.  Some people seem to prosper.  Maybe God is protecting them because their hearts are pure.  Have a member read Psalm 46:1.   

       I.     Tell the story of David and Goliath (I Samuel 17:1-58).

              A. Why did God protect David?

              B. Why did he have such courage?

              C. Why was he able to kill the giant when mighty warriors would not even try?

      II.     God saw that David was a man who was willing do mighty things for God, so he helped him.

              A. Tell about how some children are alway trying to do things that wrong and disobeying.  Some children want to do what is good and obey their parents.  The children who want to do good things get to do a lot more things because they can be trusted.

          B. David was a man God could trust.

          C. Saul had let pride get in the way when he had victories.

              1.  David always gave God the credit.

     III.     We all want God‘s protection, not everyone wants to live like David so that God can bless us.

              1.  Do you want courage?  Defend and bless God.

              2.  Do you want to do mighty things?  Step out in faith and do God‘s will.

                   A. Dare to be different on the bus and on the van.

                   B. Don‘t cave into the pressures of your friends or the professionals who work with you when they want you to do things that God would not want you to do.

Conclusions:  We can‘t always see the dirt in our lives; but we can ask God to wash us clean so that we can be used and blessed by Him.