As everyone is well aware, there is a continuing debate regarding the name of our population.  The Special Gathering prefers the identifying marker of “mentally challenged” because that is the designation that our members prefer and asked that we use.  Because we are a member driven organization, we have continued to use this phrase. 

The legal name for this population became “intellectual disabilities” when President Obama signed “Rosa’s Law”  to change the official designation of the population in all federal document on October 5, 2010.  For more information, see The Chicago Sun Times article written by Lynn Sweet.

I’ve continued to use the tag “mental retardation” because the general public neither understands, nor cares about the terminology used.  They simply want to find the information that they desire.  The purpose of this weblog  is to help educate the general population.  I’ve found that they most folks have no idea how offensive the term “retard” is to our members.  Perhaps by still using the term, I can help to make others aware of the offenses that occur regarding the language used about our sub-culture.   

Of course, like all folks, our members would prefer to be called Sam, Joe, Lisa and Terri.  They hate the constant concerns about labels.  As we all do, they enjoy hearing their own name being spoken.