The month of March means that spring is ushered into Florida.  It is a noisy month with lots of windy days and children playing outdoors.  In Florida, our children play outside in the fall, winter and spring.  We wrangle the kids indoors during the long summer afternoons because of the prolonged and intense heat. 

Florida has more than 1,000 miles of coast line.  In March, the ocean is still stirred by the winter storms.  As the doors and windows fly open to envelop the spring breezes, those who live near the coast are treated to the evening song of moving water. 

Spring brings the smells of orange blossoms and upturned earth.  Floridians know that the delightful smells of citrus flowering will invade their autos and their walks during the months of early to late spring.  

For the mentally challenged community across the US, there is more than a passing interest regarding the spring sessions of the state legislatures.  Almost all lawmakers from every state meet to make changes, pass laws and adjust their budgets and expectations to respond to what the federal government has done.  Unlike the federal government which can print money, most state budgets must be balanced each year.  They cannot run a deficit.

As our national economy struggles to recover from what was billed as “near collapse,” the noises and smells of spring are different this year.  They include unions gathered at state capitols.  Teachers are abandoning their classrooms bringing their high school students with them.  Whether you care or don’t care about what is happening in the political world, whether you are liberal or conservative in your politics, our members’ lives could change drastically within the year of 2011. 

We must admit that many of our members often compensate their intellectual abilities with an intuitive knowledge that can be acutely accurate.  Therefore, as their Christian leadership, we must be sure that we are teaching our members that their stability is in the Lord Jesus Christ.  They can no longer depend on their monthly Social Security checks or the amount allotted to them through the state and federal governments for their supports.  These entities are merely the vehicle that God is currently using to bless them and provide for them. 

We don’t know how God will choose to provide for us.  This week, the LifeWay curriculum highlighted the differences between wants and needs.  In our society, the differences have become so blurred that needs are taken for granted and wants are demanded.  During the hurricanes that hit Central Florida about five years ago, the one thing that was demanded wasn’t breakfast or water but TV cable.  While visiting one large church after the hurricanes, the pastor announced, “Please, I don’t want anyone else to ask me to pray that they will get their TV cable back.”  Interesting, no one laughed, including the pastor.

I love all the great things that God’s blessings have given to us.  It’s a running joke how many pairs of shoes I own.  I pray that God will continue to help and bless us.  However, I’m trying to educate myself and our members regarding their true security–and it isn’t in how many pairs of shoes reside in my closet.