God’s Spirit Moved

Genesis 1:1 and 2

Central Theme:  God‘s Spirit moves in my life.

Introduction–Bring a book about the life of a person. Explain this is the story of a person.  We all have a story and that story begins when God does something or moves in our lives.

       I.     Have a member read Genesis 1:1 and 2

          A. God‘s movement in our lives is something which began long before we were born.

          B. God knew me and saw me and planned me at creation.

          C. God knew you and saw you and planned your life at creation.

          D. God even had a plan for our salvation.

           II.     God‘s Spirit moved.

              A. That part of God which broods with gentleness and peace began the movement of the world.

              B. This shows us that God‘s first impulse toward us was in love, not judgment.

     III.     Let’s look at the work of the Holy Spirit

              A. He is the part of God which draws us to Himself and tells us that we can be forgiven for the bad things we do.

              B. He is the part of God which constantly works with us and woos us with love.

              C. He is the part of God that is always gentle, kind and loving.

Conclusion–God‘s loving spirit brooded or moved toward our creation.