Events in the world are moving more quickly than most of us can process.  Beginning in September of 2009, with the near financial collapse of the US banking industry, we have viewed and experienced the financial ruin of many people.  About four years ago, the Lord placed me in an interesting position.  Two hours a week, I minister to men and women who comprise part of the laboring force of our nation.  These men and women, young and old, are waitresses, cooks, handymen, construction workers, and housekeepers. 

In this position, I met hundreds of these men and women.  My goal is primarily evangelism.  Almost all are honorable workers who want to do an honest day’s work for a good day of pay.  The past 20 years has slowly allowed them to progress from near poverty to upper middle class, mostly because of the housing boom.  When the housing bubble popped, they saw their security and prosperity wilt into a pile of debts with no resources to repay.

This has led to state and federal coffers shrinking while expensive commitments have continued.  In the state of Florida, we experience budget shortfalls in the state, counties and cities.  For the vulnerable population of mentally challenged people, cut backs are here and more are coming. 

This past year, I’ve repeatedly met the fears of our members head on.  I want these men and women to know that I understand their fears and concerns.  Through TV, radio and the Internet, our members are not isolated from the rumblings of insecurity.  They have had their benefits cut.  Most of them are no longer able to go to their workshops five days a week. 

Each time I broach this subject with our members, there is a uniform face of fear that confronts me.  Then slowly, as we review their position in the Lord, I see the fear overturned by peace.  Things may drastically change for our members in the next few years; and this could a permanent situation.  However, as Christians we can be secure in the true riches of this life.  God’s love, joy and peace are unmovable assets that the world cannot take from us, no matter what the financial situation.

Each week, I pray to  make sure that what I teach is what I know in my gut.  We cannot predict how all of these things may shake out.  As Christian, we do know that God is in control of our lives and he desires the best for us.  We also must honestly face the specter that financial security may not be The Best that he has in mind for our nation or the church.