This a comment from Tony Piantine who heads Camp Daniel Ministries in Wisconsin.  I loved what he had to say about prayer and I was concerned that you might miss it.  Therefore, I’m including it as a post.

At our weekly Camp Daniel Staff meetings we finish in prayer.  Each of us takes a turn around the table. Hearing each other pouring out our hearts to God has been more impacting than our Bible studies or the words spoken to each other on a consistent basis.

These spoken prayers have brought unity and bound us together like I never thought prayer could.  I often think that we overlook how powerful prayer is when we pray with each other.  Perhaps it is even more powerful than when we pray for each other.   

I think that when we pray in unity with others we are letting each other touch the Jesus in our hearts that sometimes we keep covered. That touch is what we need more than anything. Thank you for sharing your yourself with us and your family’s prayers. We join you in prayer for Frank and your entire family during this hard time.

Thank you, Tony for this word of truth.  I was especially touched by what Tony wrote about the mighty power of prayer when we pray, out loud, with each other.  At Special Gathering, there are several things which impress visitors.  Often, one of our members is asked to pray out loud during the service.  The most impressive, however, is when our members pray for each other.  This is one of the most vital parts of our worship services.   Also, thank you, Tony and  all who pray and have prayed for me and my husband.  We are blessed.