Much Ado about Nothing

Genesis 2:7 and 8

Central Theme:  God‘s greatest prize was made from dirt.

Introduction–Okay here we go again with grandbaby stories.  I went to visit my granddaugter who is 18 months old now.  She can say, “Grandmother and cracker.”  She knows what she wants and how to get it with a smile and a kiss.  Can you imagine that this little baby is a growing, thriving bundle of dirt.  Show a bag of dirt.  Have a member read Genesis 2:7 and 8.

       I.     God took the most common thing on earth, dirt, and fashioned his most prize possession, people. 

          A. When we look at the great achievements of the universe, they have all been accomplished by some bundle of dirt. 

          B. The greatest acts of love, compassion and tenderness, all come from some salt-water moistened lump of dirt.

          C. I’ve brought a picture of a great work of art, skillfully and brilliantly fashioned by dirt hands.           

      II.     We should understand our origins to fully understand ourselves.

              A. I‘m not talking about our family background. 

              1.  We need to understand that God made us from dirt.

              2.  Even science agrees with the fact that we are made from dirt.

              3.  What science cannot understand is God’s love for me as he fashioned Adam and Eve into humanity

              4.  Abstract thought cannot grasp a Creator God who loved us enough to let us have freewill that would turn and curse and revile our Creator.

              5.  Thinking people cannot grasp this God who made a way for me to be redeemed by the shed blood of his Son.

          B. God loved the dirt he had fashioned so much that He knew that only if he became dirt himself could he bring these dirty creature to himself.

              1.  He gave us everything to become like us–dirt.

Conclusion–I am dirt but because of Jesus, I am clean dirt.