It’s cold in sunny Central Florida.  I’m off to see my husband in the hospital and to spend the morning and early afternoon with him.  My arms are loaded with lots of presents and surprises for him.  In his confused, after surgery, state he doesn’t even realize that it’s Christmas day. 

 Our children and grandchildren will be coming in a few days to visit their ailing (grand) father and to play with their mother and grandmother.  I would like a hamburger for my Christmas dinner and go to see the Disney’s, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Think I’ll call my friends living in the Gillespie group home who have no family living and no place to go.  I know that the staff has planned a Christmas lunch so we can take a late-afternoon movie and then grab a hamburger at MacDonald’s for supper. 

Sounds like a great Christmas day plan.  On days that I’m alone, I know that I have good friends within the mentally challenged community who will always welcome a visit and a Christmas day adventure!  Charge!