Yes, I must admit that I get a bit weary of the youth culture. It isn’t that I don’t like young people. In fact, they are my favorite age group. However, it seems that they are the people who learn the quickest and adapt the best.

Who could imagine that they would understand how powerful texting could become and explode into the written word just when the rest of us were getting used to having a cell phone? They even adapted their own language to simplify the process.

Naturally, the older generation reacted with appropriate disgust. After all, wasn’t Pig Latin good enough for these up-starts? How dare they form a new language to make things easier for them to communicate?

When I was a child, there was great out-cry against comic books. My mother laughed and said, “If you are reading, I don’t care whether the words are in a bound book or a paper book.” Often, those of us in the older generation become proactive in countering every move that young people make. Then we cannot understand why they rebel.

Working with people who are mentally challenged adults, we often joke they are much like junior high without the attitude but not without the creative juices of that wonderful age group. Sunday evening during our Christmas play, I was fascinated with how Debbie captured what I had seen as a simple part of the angel who appeared to the shepherds and stole the hearts of the audience. Brian, who has been a lacidasical participant at practices, woke up to the importance of telling that about the miracle birth through song. He sang with gusto and great joy.

For me the miracles of the Man from Galilee have begun to manifest themselves in the gifts and creativity of this simple but amazing population. Thank you, Lord, for coming to live with us and change us into children of God.