This is an e-mail I received from Larry Campbell, who planned the Chicago Fly-In for 2010.  It is time for ministry heads to meet, share ideas and prayer thoughts for a full day.

Seventeen leaders of ministries, within the mentally challenged community from around the US, met on September 29, 2010 for about 4 hours (about 11 am to 3 pm) sharing our lives and ministries. Each person arrived and left as their schedules allowed. Some came by 9:30 am and others left after 6 pm.
We became knit together in love as God showed us how He has called and gifted so many of us for so many different ministries.  It is a pleasure to serve together in these companion ministries without any hint of competition or jealousy.
Though some on this list were not able to attend,  we know how much you wanted to come.   We missed you.
This meeting is deemed so valuable that we all want to continue meeting at least once a year like this just to connect.   If you are in full-time ministry to this important sub-culture, plan on attending next year.
If there are other full time disability leaders that you would like to have added to this mailing list, please comment  for inclusion in next year’s invitation.
If you have suggestions for this meeting,  we would love to hear them.   We will take them into consideration as we plan the date and place of our meeting next year.
David Hayward of Joy Fellowship in Vancouver, BC. will be lining it up for 2011.