1. When I finish my daily exercises.
  2. When Timothy who has severe autistic symptoms hugged me Friday after bowling.  His mother said that she believed that I am the first person Tim has ever hugged anyone.
  3. When 22-year-old Eric leans down to hug me and says, “I love you, Linda Howard.” 
  4. When there are more than 100 people who attend Special Gathering in Vero and Melbourne.  Okay, I smile if there are only 80 people who attend.
  5. When John chooses to attend Special Gathering rather than go to the beach with his group home.
  6. When one of the group homes in Vero wanted to come to Special Gathering rather than go to the annual Halloween party given by ARC.  This is the largest party ARC gives each year.  Staff called and asked that I let the men know that it was all right for them to attend the party.  
  7. When I get a phone call from one of my grandchildren.
  8. When I call the home of one of my grandchildren and they talk to me about things happening in their lives.
  9. When I try to organize things at one of our SpG programs and I learn that our volunteers have  handled all the details themselves.
  10. When the Special Gathering service is about to begin and the murmur, laughter and conversations suddenly stop in reverence to the Lord.
  11. When I get home on Sunday afternoon after our Melbourne program is finished and shut down.
  12. When one of  the Special Gathering choir sings. 
  13. When I find things that are applicable to make Special Gathering organization more effective.
  14. When Jack or Danny, who are both non-verbal let me know their needs and concerns.  Dan will now even speak to me about things of the Lord. 
  15. When Terri smiles.