The Family Cafe is very excited to announce that we have been awarded
a federal grant to serve as Florida’s Family to Family Health
Information Center! This grant from the US Department of Health and
Human Services will support our efforts to provide families in our
state with accurate, relevant information for families of children and
youth with special health care needs.
This program fits in very well with the activities that The Family
Cafe is already engaged in, and we are looking forward to providing
Floridians with all kinds of useful information over the course of the
The beginning of this program coincides with the six-month anniversary
of the Affordable Care Act. As you may have heard in the news, many
important provisions are now in effect. As we get the Family to Family
program up to speed, we thought that sharing some information about
the changes in the law would be a great place to start!
One of our grant partners, Families USA, has a lot of information
collected in one place. Please take a moment to check out their
Patients Bill of Rights page
. It has a lot of information about the changes, including new rules
about pre-existing conditions, annual and lifetime limits, and
limitations on insurers’ ability to cancel your policy.
This is an exciting time for all of us, and The Family Cafe is looking
forward to being your source for reliable information and essential
resources to help you take care of your family. We will be telling you
much more about what we have in store soon, but in the meantime,
please check out the Families USA resources!
The Family Cafe