Today, 28 people traveled to Hudson, Florida for our choir retreat.  Our members were overwhelmed by the positive and wonderful response that they received by the Bible College student at Word of Life.  We could never thank them enough for their gracious response to us.

While our population is a cloistered sub-culture, it is not always by their choice.  Yes, they love being together and sharing among themselves.  However, when people show them gracious and loving hospitality, they are exceptionally complimented and feel that love. 

We will never be able to thank the students from Word of Life enough for singing with us for hours.  Playing pool and swimming with us was so much fun.  We hope that they will come to visit us.  Of course college students are always strapped for gas money.  However, we never know when God is truly working in the hearts of people and perhaps even drawing people toward ministry within this important population.

In the meantime, thank you, students for loving us and showing such hospitality!