Sitting with my friend in Atlanta, she talked about “back timing.”  It is an entertainment term.  People who do scheduling for TV/movie shots and staging, depend on this method constantly.  I sat as she talked about how much “back timing” it must take for the Lord to get people set up for effective ministry. 

In a few minutes, I went to my papers that were sitting on her table.  On the top, I found a post-it note that read:

  1. 2:45am–get up/fix husband’s breakfast and lunch/put out snacks and medication, 
  2. 3:30am–put medication on Frank’s feet,
  3. 3:45am–leave the house,
  4. 5:00am–arrive at Orlando park/ride,
  5. 7:00am–plane leaves

I had started at 7am with my list and I had back timed my schedule to find out what time I needed to get up.  While I didn’t know that there was an “official” name for the technique, Special Gathering uses it constantly with our van routes and set up schedules.

I’m sure that you are also continually using “back timing” in your ministry.  However, if you haven’t discovered the marvel of this scheduling technique.  It will take out the headache of being late or rushed.  Use it and enjoy.