I’ve been asked several times this question.  This information is from the March of Dimes Website

Can people with Down syndrome have children?
With rare exceptions, men with Down syndrome cannot father a child (3). A woman with Down syndrome has a 50-50 chance of conceiving a child with Down syndrome, but many affected fetuses are miscarried.

While people with developmental disabilities have a lower IQ than normal, their drive to procreate is not usually disabled.  This can be a concern with men and women but they manifest themselves in different ways.  It has been said by the experts there is a basic difference between men and women in regard to sexual activity.  Men will pretend intimacy (that they are in love) to get sexual favors.  While women will give sexual favors because they are in love (or to gain intimacy). 

 With our population, these are still the basic drives.  Men desire sexual activities; women desire intimacy.  Many years ago, two members of Special Gathering were engaged in a sexual relationship.  He was a man who had many, many girlfriends.  She was a large, younger woman with a quirky–often difficult–personality. 

When I asked this young woman why she would allow herself to be used by this man while they rode on the bus, she said, “He was very, very good to me when we first moved here.  He is the ONLY person who would speak to me.  He liked me and he was kind to me.  I love him.  I will do anything for him; anything he asks.”

The man often set his sights on women who were lonely and otherwise unattractive.  He had a “girl in every port.”  He was kind to lonely women and then he used them for his own sexual benefit.  The women desired someone to love and he showed them love.  They gladly gave themselves to him.

As a ministry head, this issue can be a deep, abiding concern because of the unique desires and needs of your members.  Sexual needs are valid and God given.  They cannot be ignored.  We can speak to this issue with delicacy and tact.  However, this isn’t an issue that we can or should ignore.  There are no boiler plate or simple templet answers that we can use or be taught.  We must know the Scriptures and then depend on God’s Holy Spirit to answer questions and meet the needs of your members.