You are invited to the Free APD waitlist quarterly forum & Dance.
October 2nd
Tavares civic center 100 East Caroline St. Tavares FL. 32778
Forum 9:00AM – 2:00PM Free Dance 2:00PM – 4:00PM

There will be Free refreshments & food during the event.

We will also be doing a FREE raffle for families on the waitlist. You can win FREE hours of Respite Service to help you and you loved ones. Also we will be giving away dozens of door prizes.

Guest speaker Jim DeBeaugrine Director of APD The Agency for persons with disabilities is scheduled to speak. He will be talking about current issues & the latest updates related to the APD agency,

Don’t be left in the dark.
Come talk to the people that can help you.

This is a Free event for everyone. The event gives you the opportunity to learn about resources & programs that can help you and your loved ones. Also a opportunity to speak out about your questions and concerns.


We are pleased to present this opportunity for first hand information. Get updates on current issues and future plans of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. The Director Jim DeBeaugrine will be speaking, followed by a question and answer session. The FCC area 13 will be helping families with information. will be telling families about FREE resources to help with information. Also with ways to help you speak out about your questions and concerns.

Jim DeBeaugrine

The Director of APD The Agency For Persons With Disabilities

Owner of &
Aaron Nangle
Learn about ways for everyone to come together & unite. Making your voice heard.
Isabel S de Martinez chairperson for the FCC area 13 
Isabel S de Martinez Chairperson FCC area 13

The american dream for all individuals with developmental disabilities

Note to Providers,

�� The Family Care Council area 13 is helping to host this Family Forum for families who are currently on the wait list. As you are aware the information provided at these events is invaluable to the families as they wait for services; however it has come to my attention over the years that the wait can, at times, feel like forever with no end in sight. Many of these families have spent 24 hours a day caring for their loved one without ever receiving Respite. I thought some of you could donate something tangible. Volunteering some respite hours would be appreciated more than you know. Thank you in advance for you help.

Preventive Behaviors & Solutions has already donated 50 hours of respite service for people on the waitlist. How many hours will you donate to people on the waitlist? Call Aaron Nangle and let him know. 727-841-8943

Thank you Sandy Dayton from FCC area 13


EVENT SPONSORED BY, APD area 13, FCC area 13, Delmarva Foundation, Moving Mountains, C Volkmann Consulting, Woodbury Products, Independent Mobility, Adept community services, Sunrise ARC, Preventive Behaviors & Solutions, Elite Home Medical Supplies,
Live Oak’s Building Inc., Tamara C Watkins Small

Many other company’s and organizations will be at the event to help provide you with information.


If you would like to have a table at the event call
Aaron Nangle 727-841-8943 or email & 
    Family Care Council Florida