I am not a Techno Babe.  (Okay, so I never was a Babe, but work with me here.)  Nevertheless, I try to keep up with the latest things in the electronic field.  For instance, I know that the Blog is a dinosaur of the distant past of 5 years ago.  Within the world of “what’s happenin’ now” five years is several technical generations past.

Because our ministry wasn’t Apple Ready until recently, I didn’t have any of the iFun and iExciting gadgets that others were gobbling up like iCandy.  I don’t play video games and I only listen to music in my car and I have a radio in my car.  The greatest Christian station in the world is in Orlando.  Therefore, I didn’t even have an iPod.

However, in March I got an iPhone because my phone died and only the iPhone could support the database program that we are currently using.  Last week, a ministry colleague bought me an iPad.  Now, I’m attempting to do things that others find extremely easy.  “Plug it into your computer and iTunes does everything,”  I’m told by the geek working in my friendly Apple store.  I plugged it into my computer and that didn’t work.  Therefore, I’m trying to learn how to do what should be the easiest thing in the world.

Couple with that, other distractions have invaded my life.  All this means that I’m attempting to work my way through a total iGlitch.  Of course, things will settle down but in the meantime I have iQuivers in my stomach and an enormous iHeadache.

Don’t get me wrong I love Apple.  We owned the Apple E, 2E and the first Macintosh. My husband has all the latest Apple products.   However, it’s been 20 years since I was told that Special Gathering worked with PC’s, not Mac.  Because I confuse easily and I loved the ease of using Apple products, I’ve resolutely stayed away from my husband’s equipment.  There was a bit of envy mixed into my resolve, as you probably suspected.

Each ministry needs to find the equipment that will help them to achieve the mission that God has called them to do.  With Special Gathering, we are evangelizing and discipling people who are mentally challenged.  God is working all things for my good.  The more I fail to understand what is happening; the more closely I identify with my members.  As we switch from all PC’s into the world of iWonders, I’ll keep you in touch with the transition in the form of iWhines and iComplaints.