This is an article from The Florida Transit Advocate, on-line newsletter published by the Florida Public Transit Association.

An important election is coming up in November.  Our Governor, a U.S. Senate seat, all of Florida’s 27 U.S. House Seats, most of our state Legislature, and a plethora of local positions are being put to the voters. Citizens in Hillsborough and Polk Counties will be asked to vote on ballot initiatives (see stories at the bottom left of this page).wes pic

Florida transit is at a crossroads. It’s up to voters like us to determine whether Florida is at a Renaissance or whether transit will slide backwards with budget cuts. Never before have so many Floridians, on both sides of the aisle, come to realize the need for strong, functioning transit systems in our urban areas. As someone who represents the interests of public transit in our Legislature every year, I can vouch that your voice will be heard in the halls of Tallahassee. I urge each of you to make sure that your positions on transit are made clear at the ballot box. I also invite you to urge your friends to subscribe to this newsletter, the larger our base, the more we will be heard.

Wes Watson,  Executive Director, 
Florida Public Transportation Association