There are several pots of money that create the funding for public transportation.  One of those pots is Transportation Disadvantaged (TD).  I sat this morning for part of a meeting from people around the state of Florida who either run transportation systems (CTC’s) or who serve on the board which direct and approve TD funding budgets for different geographic locations.

It appears that regionalization is imminent.  It could cut costs and improve the entire transit system for everyone.  Many counties have already formed informal consortiums to enable better transportation for people who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged.  For Brevard County, there is a question of positioning.  Would we be put with Volusia, or the Orlando area?  What about Indian River and below? 

Any of these would seem like a natural fit for Brevard.  However, each one has big problems.  Because of the I-4 corridor, Volusia identifies more closely with Orange and Osceola Counties, than Brevard.  There is a large divide of scattered small towns between Titusville in Brevard and Port Orange in Volusia.  While we are often lumped with other Central Florida counties, would we receive a fair share of funding.  Orange County fought renaming the B-Line highway to the Beach Line.  They didn’t want to take away from Daytona.  Indian River County looks to the south for their support and partnership. 

For everyone, there seemed to be more questions than answers raised about the entire plan.  Regionalization is almost certain to be the new reality.  Only the questions remain. What will it look, taste and smell like? 

Hope it isn’t skunk.

As Christians living in Florida and people involved with special needs ministry, we need to pray for wisdom for our elected officials and the TD Commission who will make the final decisions.