Again and again, people who come to visit The Special Gathering will say, “I can’t believe it.  I actually learned something from your sermon.”  If we think about it, Jesus’ teaching is extremely adaptable to our members who are mentally challenged.  They understand the Sermon on the Mount.  As we all do, they relive the parables in their minds as they hear them read or taught. 

Sometimes the misunderstanding of  how we do our devotions comes from the fact that many people still harbor the misconception that our members cannot learn.  They do learn.  They only learn more slowly than a person with a higher IQ.  When they are presented with a revelation from the Scriptures that is anointed by the Holy Spirit, their response is exactly like every other believer.  Their spirit jump and they receive with joy.

In addition, each of us try to throw a more intricate bit of information that our teachers will enjoy, even if our members don’t comprehend.  However, I am constantly impressed with what our member do remember and grasp.  Saturday during our Bible study class, I was teaching about the fall of Israel.  I mentioned some of the prophets who had warned Israel.  One of our members interjected, “You forgot Micah.  We learned last week about Micah.”

In honesty, I had forgotten Micah and that he had ministered to Israel.  But not Annie.  She remembered.  After years, of teaching the Bible to normal folks, I have a low expectation of anyone remembering what I taught last week.  However, Annie remembered.

After surveying years of ministry, I find that my ministry hasn’t changed much since I came to Special Gathering.  There are a few differences, of course.  The members of Special Gathering love to come to worship.  They desire to know God in a deeper way.  They aren’t perfect, not by a long shot.  Yet, especially in the Vero Saturday program, our members are often given the option of going to the movie or SpG.  They may be enticed by a picnic on the beach instead.  But, week after week, they choose to come and worship the Lord.

Therefore, when Annie corrects me or John asks his family to postpone a dinner at an expensive restaurant with his family so he can come to SpG,  there is a great joy and I know that simpler is better.