More than 25 years ago, two young people, Richard and Nancy Stimson, founded a fledgling ministry within the mentally challenged community.  The ministry they started,  The Special Gathering, Inc., has become the mother and umbrella organization for all  four chapel program corporations which house the eight geographically based programs.   

Over the years, the passion for Rev. Stimson and others who head ministries within the mentally challenged community has been how will we duplicate ourselves?  How will the ministries continue after the founders have died?  Who will replace us in championing this important population, introducing them to the life-giving Gospel of Christ, and discipling them in the ways of God?

Last night, The Special Gathering, Inc.  Board of Directors met to form a field education program beginning May 2011.  This will allow one man or woman to come to serve and learn under the direction of Special Gathering Board of Directors for one year.  The excitement of some of the women and men sitting around the table was almost electric.  Within a few months, a letter will go out to colleges and seminaries around the US asking them to help us find the right person to serve with us.

One wise leader of a special needs ministry said to Stimson,  “Determine if you want a person you can train and disciple or if you are looking for cheap labor.”  This set a fire in the spirit of Stimson.  Our field education initiative will be a discipleship program.  It is not quality labor for which we are not willing to pay.   

We are not and cannot currently take applications.  However, if you or someone you know is interested in this opportunity, you may want to contact us through this blog.  To find out more about us, visit our website.