Flanked by five Special Gathering members, the new pastor and I drove into the parking lot at the same time last Sunday morning.  Officially,  the minister had become the pastor of the church more than two months before.  Yet, he had been gone several weeks during this time because of previous commitments.  Graciously, he ushered us into the building. 

“Let me see how I can turn on the lights for you,” he said, apologetically.  “The members of this church are so amazingly competent that I haven’t had to learn anything, even how to turn on the lights.”  Smiling cheerfully, he moved through out the building, laughing at his inability to figure how to do the simplest tasks of the church.  He continued to load praise on the membership,  “Our members are efficient and do the work without even being asked.”

God spoke through Micah about humility.  God said that he demands that we walk with humility before our God.  Additionally, Micah had said that we are to be fair and to love being kind.  Fairness we all understand because we know how we want to be treated.  That translates into how we should treat our neighbor.  Kindness get a bit mushy.  However, I believe that kindness is the tender touches that are remembered for years.

While these two attributes are fairly easy to define, humility is harder.  We all know what humility is when we see it.   Nevertheless, I’ve never heard a concrete definition of humility.  But I saw humility in action on Sunday morning as the pastor shuffled through the church looking for lights and praising his members.

Humility is a tricky business.  It involves making yourself look bad so that others can look good.  Or in the case of this humble pastor, it is when we build up others so aggressively that we make ourselves appear needy.   To walk humbly before God means not only putting God first but putting others first in everything that we do.

Shelly is a deacon in Melbourne.  She constantly praises the other members of our chapel while seldom shouting her own attributes.  She has learned how to live the life-giving principles.  Fairness, kindness and humility emulate from her actions and attitude.  Each of us can learn how to live and walk in this way.