Prayer is a Constant Thing

I Thessalonians 5:17

Central Theme:  God wants us to understand that we can pray at all time.

 Introduction–Turn on the radio.  Explain that the radio receives messages from the air.  Those messages are out there all the time.  But you can’t hear the messages if you don’t turn on the radio.  Prayer is somewhat like that.  God is there waiting to listen to us all the time but we must pray for him to hear from us.   Have a member read I Thessalonians 5:17. 

       I.     Tell the story of Elijah and Mount Carmel.

              A. Elijah prayed to the Lord and God answered.

              B. We can understand that God is always there for us.

              C. Prayer speaks to the Lord.

                   1.  We don’t have to wait for him to come out of the bathroom or wake up from a nap.

      II.     Prayer is the most effective and powerful tool we have.

              A. Derek Prince told about praying in WWII and how it won the war.

          B. When people question him about that statement, he says, “Why pray if you don‘t believe that God will answer prayer?”

          C. Our prayers don‘t go to the ceiling; God hears them.

     III.     Prayer can be hard work but it can also be joyful.

              1.  I have asked in the past that to get into the habit of prayer, you should pray 10 times a day.

              2.  I say that because when I was a young woman my teacher challenged me.

                   A. It changed my life as I prayed short prayers.  It kept my heart and mind on the Lord all during the day.

              3.  God is so pleased when you pray to him.

              4.  He will never say, “Sorry, you reached your prayer quota today.  Go away.”

Conclusions:  We are to pray at all time.  God will hear you and he will answer you.