Steve Rossi of Rossi’s Total Lawn Care   just came by to give me an estimate to remove the branches of my Java Plum Tree that have the majority of the seasonal fruit on them.  As I’ve talked about before, this is a beautiful tree that was well-placed in the middle of my front yard, until we added on to the house.  Now it is positioned too close to the driveway.  During the month of August, an abundant amount of the fruit drops each hour on our drive.

The plum is an interesting fruit that is known in Eastern tropical countries as beneficial for treating eye problems, diabetes and dehydration.  However, it is known as an invasive tree in Florida.  It grows mostly in South Florida because it doesn’t adapt well in Central Florida.  When I purchased it almost 30 years ago, it was not on the invasive tree list. 

Often, Christians are like my plum tree.  We would be great planted properly; but we seem to cause lots of trouble when we aren’t placed correctly in the Lord’s vineyard.  Sometimes we simply have not found our place in the body. 

This year Special Gathering is embarking on an ambitious endeavor of helping develop an internship program.  We desire to enable young and older men and women to find their place in the body of Christ.  Camp Daniel in Wisconsin is also desiring to train men and women who feel a call of God in their lives.  I know from some past bitter experiences that trying to produce fruit in a place where you don’t belong can be devastating. 

The Java plum tree is beautiful when well placed.  It is beneficial and even has healing properties when its fruit is valued and used.  Pray for the men and women who are being called to special needs ministries that God will lead them to the fields where they can be used for His kingdom and His glory.