God wants you to be a Worshiper/Leader

I Chronicles 16:29

Central Theme:  God wants you to be a worshiper/leader.

Introduction–Leadership is important.  I like studying leaders.  (Show a book or magazine that talks about leaders.)  A good definition of a leader is that a person that other people follow.  You cannot lead someone to do something that you are not doing yourself.  I believe that God wants each of us to be worshiper leaders.  That means that you must first worship to be a leader in worship.

       I.     Have a member Read I Chronicles 16:29.

              A. Tell the story of David and God’s holy box coming back into Jerusalem.

              B. David led the people with singing and dancing.

              C. David was a worship leader because he led the people in worship.

           II.     Worship must come from the heart as it did with David

              A. A part of worship for you may be raising your hands, clapping, singing and listening to the sermon.

              B. But that is not the most important part of worship.

              D. Worship is reaching out to God in love, praise and adoration.

              C. Worship is extending yourself to the Lord wanting him to notice you and wanting him to know you love him.

     III.     David was a worship leader.

              A. People followed him in worship, like people follow some of you.

              B. God wants you to lead in worship by being an example

              C. At The Special Gathering every rule apply to everyone, members, teachers, deacons and elders.  We are to lead by example.

Conclusion–God wants your worship and he will help you to worship him and to lead others into worship.