Because copyright laws have changed radically over the year, I’ve not worried about copyrighting this blog.  As you probably know, about 20 years ago, the laws governing copyrighting changed.  Now, a work is copyrighted when “it comes from a person’s typewriter.” 

Of course, most people no longer use a typewriter but the same applies for any work that is written.  Using and reusing any parts of this blog is permitted and even encouraged as long as you give us credit for any parts that you use. 

This change in copyright law actually came because many Christians, especially the Mennonites, were freely giving their written materials and songs away during the Jesus movement in the 1960’s.  However, later others were copyrighting the songs and trying to charge the authors with the privilege of publishing and using their own artistic property.  When the people who copyrighted the material had the gall to take the authors to court, the courts ruled in favor of the true authors. 

Thank you for the courtesy that I believe you will give to this weblog by giving credit for any material that you use.