1.  Able to discern the central theme of a scripture text.
  2. Able to find one central idea that can be applied to the lives of members who are developmentally disabled from the scripture text.
  3. Able to find an attention getting device that will apply to the central theme.
  4. Able to explain or describe the scripture passage with clarity and brevity as it relates to the central theme.
  5. Able to give instructive points that can be applied to the everyday life of a mentally challenged person.
  6. Able to end the message with a clear direction or a clear statement of God’s purpose in the scripture as it applies to the life of the congregation.
  7. Able to deliver the message within the allotted time period–usually no more than 15 minutes.
  8. Able to deliver the message with simplicity and clarity of speech.
  9. Able to enunciate clearly so congregation can understand the thoughts presented.
  10. Able to preach the given text rather than preach to a certain person or about a certain failing or sin of the congregation or individual.
  11. Continually striving to fully identify with the hurts and needs of the disability community.
  12. Able to interject humor within the context of the scripture.

These are 12 point that Special Gathering believes are needed to be able to preach to people who are mentally challenged.  What are others that you believe are important?