God’s Spirit Moved

Genesis 1:1 and 2

Central Theme:  God‘s Spirit moves in my life.

Introduction–Bring a copy of some project tha you have completed.  Tell about it.  I brought a copyof the book,  Mothers are People Too. I explained that this is the story of our family.  I began to write when God spoke to me that I would be a writer.  I wanted to do it; I prayed about it; I talked about it; I even did an outline.  But this book did not get written until I moved from the TV and my family and sat down at the typewriter and started writing.  We all have a story and that story begins when God moved.

       I.     Have a member read Genesis 1:1 and 2

          A. God‘s movement in my life is something which began long before I was born.

          B. God knew me and saw me and planned my at creation.

          C. God even had a plan for my salvation.

           II.     God‘s Spirit moved.

              A. That part of God which broods with gentleness and peace began the movement of the world.

              B. This shows us that God‘s first impulse toward us was in love, not judgement.

     III.     Let’s look at the work of the Holy Spirit

              A. He is the part of God which draws us to Himself.

              B. He is the part of God which constantly works with me and woos me with love.

              C. He is the part of God that is always gentle, kind and loving.

Conclusion–God‘s loving spirit brooded or moved toward our creation.